DAV Sr.Sec.Public School

Village Lathiani Tehsil Bangana, Una-174308

Study Mechanism  

We employ the following delivery mechanisms, skills and strategies:

Intensive and extensive class room instructions
Emphasis on enquiry and interactivity
Learning skills facilitated through Seminars, 
Group discussions, off campus visits, online support, 
interactive sessions etc.
Diagnostic and remedial classes
Individualized, or customized teaching-learning
Multi-sensorial teaching by
using multimedia, web, 
EduSat, video 
conferencing etc
Real-world case studies, project making, field trips, live projects, 
demos, team presentations, tutorials, mock tests, film shows etc.
Study groups, role playing, skill workshops and SUPW activities
We cross-pollinate the corporate culture of the ACC and the service 
culture of the DAV CMC. For us, the academic arena is not a bazaar 
where products are sold like food stuffs, cars and clothings. 
It is providing service and succor by sewing and stitching our organization 
into social concerns.


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DAV Sr.Sec.Public School
Lathiani Tehsil Bangana, Una-174308
E-mail: prinlathdav@yahoo.com

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