DAV Sr.Sec.Public School

Village Lathiani Tehsil Bangana, Una-174308

Admission Form  

DAV Sr.Sec.Public School Lathiani

Under DAV College managing Committee New Delhi

Admission Form

                                                   Admission No_____                                              Dated____

                           1)  Name of the child in full________________

                            2) Father’s Name________________________

                            3) Mother’s Name_________________________

                            4) Date of Birth:figure________In Word___________

                             5) Address:_______________________________-

                              6) (Phone No if any)__________________________

                            7) Nationality)________________________________

                              8) Category(SC/ST/OBC/Gen)______________________

                             9) Name of real brother-sister if already in school_________

                                      (a) name________ Class____________

                                       (b) name_________ Class___________

                               10) Previous Schooling: name of School_____________

                                  Class attended____________

                                    Period form ____________to___________

                                    11) Medium of Instruction:

                                   12) Class to which admission is sought:__________


                                    I am agree to abide by rules and regulation of this school.

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DAV Sr.Sec.Public School
Lathiani Tehsil Bangana, Una-174308
E-mail: prinlathdav@yahoo.com

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