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Calendar of Activities & Competitions for Session 2017-18


Sr. No.





18 April

Hawan (Opening of new session)



23 April

Jumbled words (1st)



30 April

Balloons game, pick and run, explode the balloons (L.K.G. &U.K.G.)

       Dictation (1st  to 4th )


7 May

Hawan  & Pairing work (1st )

Quiz competition (Class V & VI)


21 May

Come and go, sit and stand, sharing things(L.K.G. &U.K.G.) Make a toy hut with cardboard or clay and its roof

With broomsticks. (2nd to 4th  ),Identification of

Fruits &vegetables pictures (1st )

English Calligraphy (V to XII)


28 May


Essay writing Competition VII & VIII

Hindi Poem Recitation(L.K.G. to 4th )


1 June

D A V Foundation Day Celebration



4 June

 Hawan and   Poster making(2nd to 4)

Pick the odd one (1st )

Environment Day- Debate ( IX to XII)


18 June

Clay Modeling- prepare different object with colored clay (L.K.G. &U.K.G.)

English poem Recitation(L.K.G. to 4th )


6 August

    Hawan & Flag Making



17 August

Rakhi Making and Clay Modeling (2nd  to 4th )

Sense organs- touching, tasting (1st )



20 August

Watering &caring of plants (1st )




Plants and trees , paper tearing , paste work (L.K.G. & U.K.G.)

Hindi Calligraphy(2nd  to 4th )








Quiz on voices & babies of animals(I)


3 September

   Hawan& creative works using rubber bands, pencil sharps &matchsticks (1st )

Hindi Calligraphy ( V to XII)


5 September

Teacher’s Day Celebration



14 Sept.


Hindi Declamation (III to XII )


17 Sept.

Thumb painting , solo dance, group dance (L.K.G. & U.K.G.)

Fancy dress competition (L.K.G. to 1st )



Origami (1st )

Fancy Dress Competition(2nd to 4th )






1 October

Hawan & Cleanliness Day Observation and show emotions by drawing-anger,sad,happy(1st)



7 October


English Declamation (IX to XII)


8 October

Visit to Post Office(2nd to 4th )



15 October

 Chair race , lemon race , frog race (L.K.G. &U.K.G.) Clay Modeling (1st )

English Calligraphy(2nd  to 4th )


18 October


Mahanadi Competition (VIII to XII)


22 October

Five lines on your favourite toy

Story Telling (Hindi) (2nd to 4th )


27 October


Rangoli Competition (VI to XII)


5 November

Hawan & Nature walk (1st )

Story Telling (English) (2nd  to 4th )



Children Day Celebration




 “Greeting Card Making’’ on New Year2nd to 4th  Blind fold-touch &identify the objects 1st    

Quiz Competition(VII to VIII)



Fruit day , salad day , veg. day (L.K.G. & U.K.G.)

Extempore on given topic (IX to XII) Story telling (1st )


3 December

Hawan & Oral composition on given topic 1st



17 December


Hindi Calligraphy (L.K.G. to 1st )


24 December

  Cut and Paste , light and dark , give and take (L.K.G. &U.K.G.)  “Best out of waste” (II to IV) &Problem solving &decision making &give answers on the given situations (1st )




6 January


Greeting Card competition (VI to IX)


7 January




21 January

Biscuit day , mother day , father day (L.K.G. & U.K.G.)

Quiz on Subject syllabi(II to IV) &English Calligraphy (L.K.G. to 1st )


28 January17

“Thumb Painting-Spring Season” (2nd to 4th ) & Wool Ball (1st )



04 Feb.17

 Sweet dish day , leaves day , blow painting (L.K.G. &U.K.G.)  Hawan  &  “Painting on Computer(2nd  to 4th )” &Hand painting (1st )



11 Feb.17


Drawing Competition (L.K.G. to 1st )






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